New job talk

Almost 1 year later and here's what's changed:

  • I moved down to the Suwon area,
  • I got a new job as an after school teacher in an elementary school
  • I'm studying hard to try to be a programmer, which is why I moved. For the job with the short hours.

Other things have and are changing, but we'll save those for later when the outcome is more clear.

I work only about 5 hours and spend the rest exercising (there's a gym in the lobby of my building) and trying to focus on studying. The hardest part about starting something new is fitting it into your everyday schedule.  But as usual, even if I miss my lazy days, it's way more gratifying finally getting to play a game or watch a movie after I've done everything I "need" to do.

I got these Jaybird bluetooth earbuds as an early birthday gift for myself! I paid way too much for my phone to have it yanked to the ground by a cord a smashed while I'm running. These are the more 'high-end' kind of bluetooth 'buds, the sound quality is supposedly better, but more importantly the battery life is 8hrs instead of a tiny 2hrs.

quarter century birthday part 2

At midnight of the 25th (my real birthday), keunseok suddenly woke me up from my half-asleep state and was like 'we have to watch a movie, don't go to sleep, get up.' obviously i was grumpy about that!! so i sit up, grumbling until i see on the tv 

"to Sidney...."

and i just yelled '야!!!!' because i knew what was coming; he had asked a bunch of our friends to make a short clip wishing me happy birthday and edited them all together. i cried so much while watching it, and i was so happy.

it ended with a long video from my parents, and keunseok walked up the stairs to the loft with a 'cake' (cranberry bread with candles in it) and sang me happy birthday along with my parents in the video.

it was amazing, and is one of the best things i could've ever gotten. thank you so much to everyone involved, that video will forever be priceless to me.

the next morning, keunseok made me seaweed soup 미역국, the usual birthday soup in korea. actually, it was pre-packaged and we just had to heat it up, but it was still really good!

after breakfast, keunseok wanted to go swimming one last time. it was even colder than the day before, but he braved it!

it was raining,'s this action shot of keunseok flipping his hair.

no one else was up then, so it was very peaceful. have i gushed enough about the view and the fresh air?

i even got in for like .5 seconds ㅠㅠ i don't deal well with the cold water. but the pool water was warmer than the rain that was falling!

after my quick dip, we opened up the jacuzzi room and soaked for a long while.

the only morning picture of me where you can't see my usual morning bloat right away 8)

of course he looked like some pool boy model without even trying. UGHHH.

after, we had some ramen (he had ramen, i took a few bites) and that same puppy came by when we opened our door. she was in love with keunseok, i think. he claims her 애교 was too strong and he couldn't resist.

and then, good bye wonderful pension and beautiful 가평 ㅠㅠ i want to go back for our anniversary. not even to the same pension, but to this same area.

it was a great, private birthday celebration. i was blown away by keunseok's plans and the care he took to do everything for me. perfect start to my 25th year~

quarter century birthday part 1

yes PART 1. i have so many photos and 90% of them are just gratuitous pictures of me. but since it's my 25th birthday, i do what i want!

all i knew was that keunseok had something planned for the weekend. i was just going to get in the car and go along with him~ we ended up Gapyeong 가평, at  a pension--오세르펜션. oh my GOD 가평 is gorgeous. it's mountians and forests sprinkled with small towns and these amazing pensions, and i want to go to all of them.

the one we ended up at was perched up on this mountain, and instead of having a whole house to yourself it was rooms that all looked like this. but the BEST PART (aside from the view and the relaxation) was the private jacuzzi each room had and the POOL.

gratutious bikini shot #1!!! no shame.

it was still a little too cold to swim, so whenever i got in it was a lot of "OH MY GOD 오빠 추워!!!! don't PUSH ME IN ahhhh ㅠㅠ" then i'd walk around on my tip toes for a minute and jump out to get in the jacuzzi. 

on top of all those amazing things, another reason keunseok chose this place for me was that he saw dogs in the photos. there were two of these little puffy dogs and one big, old golden retriever. i loved it, he knows me and my love for dogs so well~~

keunseok made me dinner around 5. everyone else bbq'd much later, but we wanted to eat and then relax with our wine for the rest of the evening.

salad an hamburger-steaks for dinner. we ate up on the 2nd floor blacony, on that tiny table~ i liked the simple dinner. since the end of april i've been trying to eat healthy and cut out all snacking, so this vege-meat dinner really tasted good and didn't make me feel like 'ugh too heavy...'

the view~ as always, when we leave seoul to go somewhere else it's a literal breath of fresh air. growing up in the country side, living in a huge mega city is exciting and different and just what i want right now. but who doesn't need to escape that from time to time?

me n my new shorts enjoying the view. needs a belt, but i love them ehehe~

wine by the pool. just sitting and talking and taking photos. i couldn't stop saying 'oh my god, this is amazing...oh my god.'

around sunset. 

went inside for a bit to watch the spring finals of league of legends with some popcorn and beer. samsung blue (korean team) won. no one was surprised.

once the sun set, the pension started projecting music videos up on the wall. everyone was out cooking dinner and enjoying the weather. the atmosphere was perfect. like a restaurant, but more private, so it made for the perfect ambiance.

i'll end here for now, but keunseok managed to surprise me later on and i definitely cried happy tears. i was so happy this whole weekend, it was a great start to my 25th year~