Lauren & Gene Visit part I

Two of my best friends came to visit me for a week, and it was amazing. I was really just happy being with them, so showing them around Seoul was easy enough to do. I'm going to break up what we did into a few posts because I am determined to try to blog more this year. I'm going back to editing pictures together the same way I did when I used livejournal, too! I feel like that's easier to digest instead of massive pictures with basically no text.

camera was at home charging, so enjoy these phone pictures ugh

Anyway, they arrived Sunday evening, so after getting a good night's rest, we went to Bongeunsa Temple in the morning. I forget other people haven't actually been to Korean palaces or temples yet because I've gone to so many. It was really refreshing having them be in awe of the temple, and made me appreciate more than I might've on my own.

After coming back home for a short rest, we went off to the Seoul Art Center to see an exhibit, The Art of the Victorian Futurism. Basically a collection of steampunk art in one place. Gene & I appreciate steampunk, but I know Lauren really LOVES it so I was excited this was going on while they were here.

I liked going. It was bigger than I thought it would be, and started off explaining the history of steampunk (basically people were obsessed with steam trains and it took off from there). Then the rest was all art of different types, so it's got a little of everything.

Everything was really cool, but I loved this one group's art. It was SO CUTE and amazingly detailed. Very Ghibli-esque. Those lil fish-cities!!!

These tiny prints weren't very big, but I loved the detail. Gene commented that they should've put tiny people-creatures in them to make it more interesting. I have to agree, the charm would have increased even more if there were lil things living their lives in these tiny cities. Still cute anyway though~

Animals made from random mechanical bits. I ended up buying Keunseok 3 little prints of the tiny city artist for his apartment, but they didn't have a print of the tiny cities I really liked, so nothing for me :(

Lauren is blogging about the trip as well over here! She took way more pictures than I did, so I'm excited to see them as she puts more up.

Sheep farm in Pyeongchang

I went on an inexpensive, day-long bus trip to a sheep farm. It was a couple hours outside of Seoul. It only snowed a handful of times this winter in Seoul, and stuck only once, so seeing all this snow was nostalgic of my hometown.

Because it was winter, all the sheep were kept inside. Baby sleepin on mama, no big deal.

We got to feed the sheep hay. I like how they use their lips to grab the hay, so it just feels soft when they do it and you don't have to worry about fingers getting bitten.

Apparently when it's warm, the sheep are allowed to roam everywhere there's a fence. I saw pictures of the place during other seasons, and it's just as gorgeous as it is with the snow.

It was pretty cold, mostly due to the wind, but wearing two pairs of tights instead of the usual one fixes that problem. I wasn't cold at all except for my ears~

Pile of babies~

After the sheep farm, we went and ate lunch. The specialty of that area is a dried fish, called 황태 (hwangtae), so we got that. I'm not a big seafood fan, but I tried it and it was ok! Chewy, not too fishy tasting.

Then we went to a famous spring, one that has an intensely high amount of iron in the water. It's supposedly very good for your health, and it's also a little carbonated coming out of the ground! It tasted odd but good when it was cold, but once it warmed up in the water bottle I brought it tasted like blood, hah.

Final stop on the trip was to see this little land form that is in the same shape as the actual peninsula of Korea. 

Tiny Korea inside the normal Korea! 

It was so nice getitng out of Seoul to take this trip!! Fresh air and less people and just sitting on the bus and letting them take us everywhere.