Sept 14th, 2016

my constant companion around the house, lauren's cat: Pippin

my constant companion around the house, lauren's cat: Pippin

Lauren is always encouraging me to get back into blogging, and it is something that I think "huh, you do keep paying for this domain. probably you should be using it, idiot." So here I go again, maybe. 

I've relocated to Denver after "finally" leaving Korea this spring. I've been voluntarily unemployed since then, but now that PAX is over, I'll start looking for some sort of job. This is mostly to feel like a productive part of society than anything else.

My life is not where I thought it would be as of my last post here (that I think I made private). My breakup is obviously one of the biggest things, since after that happened my choice to take advantage of Lauren & Gene was a step that sort of seemed to happen on it's own. I asked Lauren one day if she remembered how I ended up making the decision to move in with her, but neither of us can remember if they invited me or I just sort of forced myself upon them (probably that).

Helping us play D&D

Helping us play D&D

The breakup itself is still just. Well, it's mostly resolved, but sometimes I still get frustrated by it. But that's probably mostly normal?? If not, well. Whatever.

As to what I do, being wondrously unemployed, basically it's just the summer vacation I always dreamed of as a kid: playing all those games I bought during Steam's summer sales, being a first-time DM to the group, forcing Elisabeth to also move down here with us. Most of the stuff I do is related to D&D or video games, basically. 

So here's my first blog post on here in over more than a year. I want to keep it up to justify giving Square space my money for a dot com, and I'm also just really slacking when it comes to taking photos which I also want to fix.

End it with a random screenshot I have on my desktop of my Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

sidney's first mmorpg: Wildstar

Yes, my first real online game I play that isn't League of Legends! Wildstar. I heard about it because of my university friends who I usually game with every weekend over g+ chat. We play Terreria, Starbound, BL2 and now, Wildstar.

I never got into WoW or any other MMO game besides LoL's too hard. Being a new player in any MMO sucks, but Wildstar is still in it's beta stage. So I started out joining beta weekends in March and slowly became addicted. It's great when almost everyone is new and no one cares.

I'm playing for at least a couple months. That's another thing that was hard for me and most MMOs! Paying monthly fees. This one I"m going to be playing with my group of friends I game with on the weekends. Because they're all going to play it I figure I can skip spending money on a few other things here and there to justify the monthly fee.

Here was my main character for the beta. I love her butterfly ears!!! Wildstar's graphics are all so pretty, too. 

Click it to make it a bit bigger. This was just to show the details when I turned everything up to almost as far as it could go. My PC can handle it on pretty high settings until I get into cities, then I have to turn the detail down. Still, I like cranking them up sometimes just to see how pretty it all is.

Here's one of the more recent screen shots after I got to apply 'costume' gear. Love her soft lil ears and tail against the costume leather high-way man gear, haha.

I wanted to get to level 15 just to get housing & a mount in the beta, but the mount was too expensive for me! Hopefully I'll figure out how to get more during the actual game. I've stopped playing until the real game, though.

Wildstar is good so far. I'm not sure how long I'll play, probably as long as I can regularly play with my friends. I need to be saving for key money to get an apartmen on my own next year and I have to study Korean hardcore, so I can't justify having it just to play by myself since I won't have time to do so for a while :(

Lauren & Gene Visit 3 - Everland, 한우 and everyday life

As I said before, I was an idiot when Lauren & Gene visited and didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should've :( Basically, if I had been to a place before, I didn't take photos. Booo, bad choice! I didn't even get a photo of all 4 of us. 

Luckily, Keunseok took a few photos of the day we went to Everland.

I've never been to Disneyland or anything too big in the states, just my local theme park, Silverwood. So I really like Everland!

There is a small zoo inside Everland. A lot of the pens would be easy for the animals to actually get out of if they wanted to, so Gene kept encouraging them to escape. Here he is trying to convince this dude up on the ropes to "jump, I'll catch you!" and make a run for it.

The theme for spring is tulips/flowers, so here are the guys enjoying the flowers.


Pretending to be a water bender at Keunseok's request because of the fountain behind me.

In the gift shop, we just looked around. I REALLY wanted this Cath Kidston backpack, look at those animals! But couldn't quite justify the price tag at the time. However, it's been on my mind ever since, so it might end up being my brithday present to myself.

I sort of ruined our trip thought :( For some reason my digestion wasn't having any of the rides; whenever I went on one, I got horrible pains in my gut. On top of that, I still feel so bad Gene never got to go on the T-Express (wooden roller coaster). We had hoped most of the crowds would be gone in the evening, but it started raining too hard, and most of the rides closed. I'm sorry, Gene! I regret that we didn't just wait for the express line tickets :(

The day after Everland we just relaxed, watched Captain America 2, then went and had 한우, the most expensive beef in Korea. It's from cows in Korea, sort of like waygu beef in Japan? I had never had it before. I thought I hated steak, but it turns out I just don't like well-done, chewy steak. It is so nice when it's soft! Not afraid of pink beef anymore.

Our finaly day (sad faces :(:(:(:( ) we really just hung out. In the morning played poker, then went on a walk to a park nearby.

We stopped in a at PC방 a couple times over the course of the trip as I tried to get Gene & Lauren in League of Legends. Lauren wasn't so into it, but I'm still trying to con Gene into playing more~ please please, you will get better with practice!!!!

End the posts of their visit with pictures of Gene in the process of lift-off. Heading to his home planet.

Ok, but basically right after they left I was a crying mess. I hope I can figure out how to see them again soon. It had been 3 years since our last visit! Now I realize that's way too long. But I'm so happy they came to visit~